Feel-Good Freelance Writing is your ticket to a successful writing career you can feel confident about! Each course is designed to give you the tools you need to write well, make money from words, and deal with the emotional ups and downs of the industry. Unlike other courses, you won't just learn the necessary skills, but also how to structure your days, respond to tough situations, and manage your time. Ready to make money from writing?

Who is Behind FGFW Courses?

Zanny Merullo Steffgen

Zanny has been writing professionally for nine years, including three years as lead copywriter for a bicycle tour company and two years beyond that freelancing full-time. Her essays and articles have been featured in Business Insider, HuffPost, Matador Network, and The Discoverer, among other publications. Zanny started FGFW in the hopes of sharing lessons about time management, burnout, customer service, mental peace, and difficult client interactions that she earned from an unconventional life. She credits her experiences with chronic illness, living abroad as an expat, and working her way up in the restaurant industry with teaching her many of the skills she shares in her educational material. (Plus all the years of knocking on writing doors, of course). To learn more about Zanny and see her CV and portfolio, visit zannymerullosteffgen.com

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  • What sets Feel-Good Freelance Writing apart?

    Rather than focusing solely on writing skills, all of FGFW's materials combine skills and business tips with advice for handling the mental ups and downs of freelance writing. The focus here is on building a career you can sustain for a long time, which means learning how to deal with situations good and bad along with how to find a rhythm to your days that feels healthy and positive.

  • What makes Zanny qualified to teach these things?

    Zanny has been writing in a professional capacity for nine years, so her recommendations come from her own experience. Additionally, Zanny was raised by a writer, so many of her tips have been inherited from someone with even more experience. Her path through life allows Zanny to approach writing with a unique perspective that you will surely benefit from!

  • Do I need to have writing experience to benefit from these courses?

    No. All of FGFW's materials are created with beginner and intermediate writers in mind--but advanced writers can learn from these courses, too!

  • What's the refund policy?

    FGFW's courses are designed to help you learn and grow in a bunch of different ways, but they can only get you so far. Your success in the writing world depends just as much on your actions as it does on the courses you take. In each course you'll find several types of materials in the hopes that every student will find something of use within, so they're backed with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.