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    1. Welcome to the Freelance Writing 101 Free Mini Course

    2. What is Feel-Good Freelance Writing?

    1. What You Need to Get Started

    2. How to Choose Your Type of Writing Career

    3. Skills to Work On (And How to Do So!)

    1. How to Go from Writing at Home to Writing for Dough

    2. Finding Freelancing Jobs

    3. An Introduction to Finding Mental Peace in Your Career

    4. First Writing Assignment

    1. Sneak Peek at Freelance Writing 101

    2. Some Resources

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Zanny Merullo Steffgen

Zanny has been writing professionally for nine years, including three years as lead copywriter for a bicycle tour company and two years beyond that freelancing full-time. Her essays and articles have been featured in Business Insider, HuffPost, Matador Network, and The Discoverer, among other publications. Zanny started FGFW in the hopes of sharing lessons about time management, burnout, customer service, mental peace, and difficult client interactions that she earned from an unconventional life. She credits her experiences with chronic illness, living abroad as an expat, and working her way up in the restaurant industry with teaching her many of the skills she shares in her educational material. (Plus all the years of knocking on writing doors, of course). To learn more about Zanny and see her CV and portfolio, visit