Course Curriculum

    1. Check In and Set Goals for Freelance Writing 101

    2. Introductory Writing Assignment

    1. 2.1 A Word About Plagiarism and Copyright

    2. 2.2 Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    3. 2.3 Essential Writing Skills

    4. 2.4 Evocative Writing

    5. 2.5 The Basics of Different Kinds of Writing

    6. 2.6 Freelance Writing Terms to Know

    7. 2.7 The Basics of Topics

    8. 2.8 Description and Title Assignment

    9. 2.9 How to Choose a Title

    10. 2.10 The Basics of Getting Gigs

    11. 2.11 Writing Strategies

    12. 2.12 How to Become a Better Writer

    13. 2.13 The Basics of Editing

    14. 2.14 Editing Assignment

    1. 3.1 My Thoughts on Marketing Your Writing

    2. 3.2 What You Do and Don't Need as a Freelance Writer

    3. 3.3 Choosing a Type of Writing

    4. 3.4 Finding a Niche

    5. 3.5 Coming Up With Rates

    6. 3.6 Building and Sharing a Portfolio

    7. 3.7 Marketable Writing Assignment

    1. 4.1 My Thoughts on How to Find Work

    2. 4.2 A Guide to Freelancing Platforms

    3. 4.3 Upwork Proposal Walkthrough

    4. 4.4 Establishing a Presence

    5. 4.5 How to Find Gigs Outside of Freelancing Platforms

    6. 4.6 How to Pitch or Apply

    7. 4.7 How to Come Up With Ideas

    8. 4.8 How to Create Offers

    9. 4.9 The Importance of Varied Assignments

    10. 4.10 Why You Won't Always Hear Back From a Pitch

    11. 4.11 Pitch Assignment

    1. 5.1 Useful Tools

    2. 5.2 Money and Taxes

    3. 5.3 How to Build a Pool of Clients

    4. 5.4 How to Grow Your Business

    5. 5.5 The Costs of Getting Started

    6. 5.6 How to Submit and Invoice

    7. 5.7 Getting Started Assignment

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Fun inclusions to help you build a freelance writing career!

  • Pitch and Email Templates

    The key to conversation!

    See examples of successful pitches and download a pitch template to help you get started. Then, look through sample emails that teach you how to respond to an array of client issues!

  • Writing Prompts

    The key to improvement!

    Prompts to get the juices flowing, escape from writer's block, or hone skills for specific kinds of writing.

  • Sample Schedules

    The key to time management!

    No need to worry about the transition to self-employment thanks to sample day, week, and month schedules that provide timeline inspiration for those who crave structure.

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“Presentation was very intuitive, it flowed from one concept to the next without me asking ‘wait how did we get here?’ Very clear.”

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